Banconomics Q1 2022 Wisconsin FDIC Reports

Banconomics reports for Q1 2022 are now available. The bank data has been summarized by UFS for the convenience of community bankers as well as public officials, reporters, and industry leaders.

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation Banconomics Reports provide benchmarks and a breakdown of industry data from FDIC quarterly call reports categorized by asset quality, liquidity, and profitability.

Bankers can use these resources to create peer comparisons for their own internal use as well as share benchmarking data with their board of directors.

 WI Banking Asset Quality Q1 2022

 WI Banking Liquidity Q1 2022

 WI Banking Profitability Q1 2022

 WI Banking Trending Benchmarks Q1 2022

 WI Banking Industry Performance Data Q1 2022

The data was compiled by UFS. Information on how they help financial institutions can be found here.